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Our design of the public spaces and lobby in the prestigious WP residential towers in Tel Aviv consisted of a detailed design and 5 years close supervision of the project. The design focused on the building’s public spaces, including the main reception lobby, rear lobby, spa and gym areas, lobbies on each floor, elevators, entrance doors to the apartments and graphic design in the parking lots.

Even before defining the forms, compositions and color pallet of the spaces, we knew that we want to give visitors a strong and unique experience upon entering the building - something that is unconventional, colorful, amorphous, intriguing and fascinating.

Although the building’s public spaces and functions are characterized by a wide diversity, thanks to a thoughtful and sophisticated incorporation of materials, colors, textures, lighting and fabrics we were able to create a connection and memory flow between the spaces, thereby uniting them into a singular, comprehensive fabric.


אלקטרה בנייה.jpg
ישראל קנדה.jpg







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