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Michal Han, interior designer and official interior design consultant for luxury towers, lecturer and facilitator of television design programs. The Michal Han studio she owns has many years of experience in designing and designing public spaces, apartments and offices in luxury towers. The planning is carried out in front of leading Israeli developers and real estate groups as well as private clients. The firm collaborates with overseas design and planning offices such as Cappelini.

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Michal Han

Interio Designer

Since the establishment of the studio in 1998, inspirational projects have been planned and completed in the "Michal Han" studio in Israel in general and especially in the center of the country. The specific area of ​​specialization in which the studio is concerned is the design of apartments, public spaces and offices in luxury buildings in towers. This design is complex and requires daily professional dealing with many complex systems, consultants and many professionals who deal specifically with the prestige of the luxury towers. Michal Hahn, who has extensive practical and proven experience, performs the design of luxury apartments with contractors in ongoing work with consultants, suppliers and change coordinators. The firm's staff includes interior designers, architectural engineers, sketchers, project managers and project coordinators, who are experts in providing complete architectural design services, from concept planning to building supervision


During design and planning, the team pays close attention to clients in
order to realize the full potential of the design according to their desires, taking into account the area data. Creative and original solutions that best satisfy the client's aspirations from formulating the design concept to designing sophisticated details that create a clean, experiential and inviting loo

The Michal Han Architectural Office believes in the ability of proper design, to enhance the experience of living or working in it, to delight and to violate. We are designing apartments, homes, offices and public spaces with the aim of improving the lives of residents and residents in these spaces. And to make the most of the experience of design that combines functions and fun at the same time. We strive to maintain professional development in order to continue to provide continuous value-added design services to our clients and to develop the professional services in the global market as well.


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